As a non profit 501c3 Foundation, Sacred People encourages Americans to Celebrate Native Americans.

Recently the Foundation commissioned a research study to understand what different groups of Americans across socioeconomic, racial, geographic, gender and generational boundaries think about Native Americans and Native issues.

We learned how biases keep contemporary Native Americans invisible and/or affixed to the past and are holding back Native Americans from achieving political, economic and social equality, as well as accurate and respectful representation.

The insights gained from our research served as the direction to inspire, develop and test narratives that will shift hearts and minds.

To date, the Foundation has completed production of four Public Service Announcements, plus radio and print ads showcasing Native American Contributions to the fabric of American life.

In March of 2019, a second research study suggested the potential power of the Public Service Announcements to accomplish their intended goals. And so additional plans are in the works for the production of six new Public Service Announcements with print and radio support plus documentaries and special events.

Want to become a Volunteer?

Volunteers work at the grassroots level to support improvements in Native American communities. The change that you create is rewarding and lasts long after your service has ended. By being a volunteer, you are making an important investment in supporting Native American communities, especially their youth. You will build many friendships with other volunteers as well as the people you are helping. See what opportunities are available, where they are located, the skills required and the contact information for the organization requesting volunteers.

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